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collective futures is our battle against the immediacy of things; an immediacy that has become the rule of law in terms of how things happen and how as "consumers" we expect them to happen. If it's not immediate, it's not relevant. We believe the opposite is true. While Collective Futures Berlin doesn't aim to be a permanent event, our goal is that the impression it leaves on its participants and attendees becomes food for thought and an initiator for tangible collaborations to occur. The event itself is not permanent, but its underlying ideas and concept should be.
Berlin is a city fueled by an independent spirit. Independence in thinking and acting is an evident trademark of the city's inhabitants, more so among its creative core of individuals. During the span of 4 days we are taking residency inside Berlin Community Radio. There, we will be joined by local visual artists, DJs, cultural promoters, thinkers, and doers to explore the possibilities of a borderless state of mind through collaboration. After all it's through collaborating with others that we can truly convey a more versatile form of creativity.

DRURY brennan °Los Angeles—USA

A multidisciplinary creator now focusing on the art of calligraphy, Drury Brennan does not shy away from challenges. Always looking to experiment with materials and disciplines, Drury has been a jazz drummer, a hip-hop DJ, associate editor of Flaunt magazine, and art teacher. For CF Berlin, Drury will be exhibiting a series of experiments with ceramics done in collaboration with American painter Lee Kratzer, as well as other printed matter.
INA weise °Dresden—Germany

A true renaissance woman, Ina Weise's work spans many different techniques and forms. Comfortable while working with textiles, letterpress, large scale installations, or public performances and interventions; Ina's most recent endeavor was to complete a Public Art and New Artistic Strategies MA at Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar. For CF Berlin, Ina will be exhibiting an interactive and playful piece, as well as some of her beautiful prints.

An art project and screen print studio run by Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, Palefroi produces limited edition art prints, posters, artist books and zines. Their work is characterized by a free-form aesthetic in which rules are taken apart, allowing creativity and playfulness to come to the forefront of their compositions. Their work has been exhibited in galleries from Thessaloniki to Liverpool. Palefroi will be exhibiting large scale screenprints and a selection of zines at CF Berlin.
YOKO seyama °Tokyo—Japan

Japanese scenographer and multimedia artist Yoko Seyama specializes in spacial time-based art. With a background in architecture and performing arts, her installations combine digital and natural materials that she works into mutating space. She has collaborated with world renowned choreographers and her work has been show at Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst and TodaysArt Festival to name a few. Yoko will be creating a small scale installation to show at CF Berlin.
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During the launch night we’ll be broadcasting a collaborative show with CDR, live from Berlin Community Radio. CDR, which stands for Create, Define, Release, is an evolving multi-platform music project delivered by a collective of music producers, artists and thinkers passionate about creating opportunities to share the process of music production.

For our Collective Futures x CDR radio show, we’ll be joined by Berlin producer and selector Domenique Xander.

On Friday BCR will be running their regular schedule and visitors can enjoy the sounds emanating from the station while catching up with the exhibition. While Saturday and Sunday we will be hosting a rotation of local diggers in the space.

cafe kraft
Founded by Marco Prüfer and Jarves Drechsler, Cafe Kraft is based in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood. The pair’s mission is to create value, boost the economy and do good for others. More importantly, they place a great importance on providing excellent coffee, whether through filter or espresso blends, each drink receives their utmost care and attention.
jb magazine
A cutting edge magazine that covers the arts, music, and street culture, Just Breathe It celebrates the experience of printing on paper and independent publishing. It is made by the Berlin-based designer-cum-musician Jenne Grabowski. You can expect to find copies of previous printed editions as well as other JB certified goods at CF Berlin.

Berlin Community Radio
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Berlin Community Radio is an online radio station presenting everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin. Its aim is to bring together the continually evolving communities of the city and to establish a modern platform for cultural exchange.

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