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collective futures nyc is set to explore how various visual artists and creatives involved in a pop-up exhibition express their day to day interaction with The City. Their connection to and interpretation of the place they now call home will be examined by virtue of their respective art form. The one night exhibition, taking place at G TECTS on 178 Delancey St., New York; will feature the works of talented and award winning locally based artists, working together to give life to a social experience where art, design and music will be at the core of a gathering that aims to be inclusive and devoid of any pretensions.
Visually, the event will be spearheaded with pieces by a diverse group of successful young artists living and working in New York. Akiha Yamakami´s mind-altering and abstract human bodies, Paul Windle´s curious and clever illustrations, Kike Besada´s forgotten paper collages, and Elliott Burford´s thought provoking objects and drawings will all be coming together in a unique space, alongside various limited edition prints and products sold exclusively at the event.

Musically, the event will be soundtracked by four diverse music selectors. Ramon Crespo, Fenbred, Dopeshoes, and Nick Van Tiel will all take turns to fill the space with sounds inspired by New York and ranging from experimental electronica to funk and soul.

akiha yamakami °Nagano—Japan

Akiha is a Japanese artist, born in Nagano. Her main interest lies in creating three-dimensional works or what she also calls "soft sculptures" based on her abstract representations of the human body. As a graduate of the Tama Art University in printmaking and lithography, Akiha has a very keen sense of how to translate her works on to textiles and objects, leading her to win various prestigious prizes in her home country. She has been living in New York since 2012.
elliott burford °Adelaide—Australia

Elliott is a multidisciplinary Australian creative born in Adelaide. His commercial work in design and advertising builds on existing cultural trends, technologies and communication, while his personal projects playfully subvert those very things. Full of wit and irony his pieces are often simple, yet manage to leave an impression on the viewer through his unique representation of commonplace situations. Elliott has been living in New York since 2011.
kike besada °Vigo—Spain

Kike is a creative hailing from Vigo, Spain. Working as a Senior Designer, his true passion lies in assembling unique pieces using found paper scraps and forgotten documents to form unintended graphic compositions. With this technique, he interprets the mundane through the lens of abstract aesthetics in order to transcend the document's original purpose and function. Kike has been living in New York since 2010.
paul windle °Texas—USA

Paul is an award-winning, Texas-born illustrator with a degree in Printmaking and Visual Communication from UT Arlington. His pieces are often easy going and humorous at first glance, but after a closer look they manage to reveal clever interpretations of everyday life, continuously finding themselves on the pages of some of the most prestigious publications around, such as The New York Times, Time Magazine, or Bloomberg. Paul has been living in New York since 2011.
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From Disco to Post Punk, Be-bop to Hip-Hop; New York has been at the epicenter of many of the most important music movements ever. A New York City Inspired Mixtape touches up on some of those in a span of 80 minutes. Selected and mixed by colectivo futuro, the mix is a brief snapshot of how New York has aurally inspired us with sounds new and old; also it provides a rough guide to the music that you'll hear at our upcoming two day exhibition in The City. Physical copies will be made available to the first 50 guests that come through the doors, with a very special cover artwork designed by meta-matic and printed by Kallemeyn Press.

tracklist 01 GRAY - Mr. Bickerton [Plush Safe Records] → 02 DIGABLE PLANETS - La Femme Fetal [Pendulum] → 03 BLACK MOON - Who Got Da Props? [Wreck Records] → 04 ROY AYERS UBIQUITY - We Live in Brooklyn Baby [Polydor] → 05 EXTRACT FROM WILDSTYLE → 06 A TRIBE CALLED QUEST - Electric Relaxation [Jive] → 07 TALKING HEADS - Seen and Not Seen [Sire] → 08 INNER LIFE & JOCELYN BROWN - Make It Last Forever (Full Length Larry Levan 12" Remix) [Suss'd Records] → 09 EXTRACT FROM MANHATTAN → 10 JAHILIYYA FIELDS - Servant Garden [L.I.E.S] → 11 LIQUID LIQUID - New Walk [Mo Wax] → 12 THE BLACKBYRDS - Rock Creek Park [Fantasy] → 13 RAY BARRETTO - Right On [Fania Records] → 14 PEECH BOYS - Don't Make Me Wait [West End Records] → 15 LOGG - You've Got That Something (JM After-Session M&M Mix) [BBE] → 16 LEVON VINCENT - No Regrets [Novel Sound] → 17 N.Y. HOUSE'N AUTHORITY - APT. 3A [Nu Groove Records] → 18 KENLOU - Moonshine [MAW Records] → 19 ESTRACT FROM KEITH HARING INTERVIEW → 20 LOOSE JOINTS - Is It All Over My Face? (Female Vocal) [West End] → 21 ESG - Moody [99 Records] → 22 FALTYDL - Make It Difficult [All City Records] → 23 RONNIE FOSTER - Mystic Brew [Blue Note]

ramon crespo —SAFE Miami

Born and raised in Miami, Ramon Crespo has been involved in music for decades. He helped co-found SAFE, one of the most forward thinking nights in Miami and has also helped various young artists sign their music to well known labels, such as Leftroom, Innervisions, and Cabin Fever to name a few. Ramon has been living in New York since 2012.
nick van tiel —Mass Appeal / Blurred Lines

Raised in New Zealand on a diet of soul, reggae and hip-hop, Nick van Tiel is a respected purveyor of soul moving, head nodding beats, known for his energetic sets of eclectic grooves and party-rocking bangers. Nick's genre-defying love for all things soulful has earned him residencies at some of the world's most illustrious venues including La Esquina, The Box, Le Baron and Soho Grand. Nick has been living in NY since 2010.
dopeshoes —Turntable Lab

Originally from Seattle, Dopeshoes began DJing while living in California, cutting her teeth as part of the legendary Friday night party Soul Sauce. In addition to DJ residencies, Dopeshoes has launched multiple parties —including Instant Funk, one of San Diego's only all funk, soul and disco nights. At present, she works at Turntable Lab and writes for the music section of Time Out New York. By night, she DJs at venues throughout New York City. Dopeshoes relocated to NY in late 2010.
fenbred —Petit Records

Buffalo's very own Fenbred is the the solo work of Ben Gardner. Back in the summer of 2011 while living in America's Yellowstone National Park, Ben began writing music with an ear for minimalism. Immersed in the vast landscape his background in graphic design connected with his surroundings and began to form the foundations of his distinctive style. Tightly crafted beats, warm analogue synths and a keen ear for sampling display a talented producer whose musical energy and emotive sounds speak volumes about his hometown, and with each new track we see a truly entertaining artist emerge. Ben moved to NY in 2012.

kallemeyn press
We are collaborating with Earl Kallemeyn, owner of the Kallemeyn Letterpress studio, to create unique tactile paper based works for the event. From the exhibition's catalogue, to a limited mixtape's cover work, limited edition postcards, and other printed works; Earl is a NY institution when it comes to creating beautiful, carved, paper-based items.
keigo prints
Keigo Takahashi runs his own print studio since 2009. He is a Master printer with 10+ years experience in screen-printing using both traditional and innovative techniques to create sublime and amazingly detailed works of art. We will collaborate with Keigo to screenprint limited edition handkerchiefs of superb quality based on the 4 featured artists work's, branded tote bags, and a limited edition print/poster of the exhibition.
Made In The Lower East Side: miLES has collaborated with us by connecting our project with a suitable space where we can give free reign to our wacky ideas. As a community incubator, miLES activates unused spaces on a short-term basis to lower the entry barrier for creative, entrepreneurial and civic projects.
der kommissar
Der Kommissar offers a Brooklyn twist on an Austrian institution, the WÜrstelstand. Located on 5th Avenue and 15th street, Der Kommissar is a 20-seat hang-out offering affordable, locally-sourced food and drink. A place where you can grab a bite to go from the walk up window, hang out and watch a ball game, or just pull up to the bar and hang out with Alex. As part of our collaboration, they will be serving a delicious Austrian inspired spread with a New York twist.

178 Delancey St New York, NY 10002
[Corner of Delancey St and Attourney St]

By train:
F to Delancey St
J, M to Essex St

By bus:
9, 14A or B39 to Delancey St and Essex St

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